About High Heel Solutions

High heel Brands are able to integrate our revolutionary patented high heel solution in their shoes. We understand that a great shoe brand needs great products. Before implementing our solution in the construction process, we would like to show you what it does and how good it will work for your customers. We make this process (testing & evaluating) easy and fast.

If you would like to test HELIA high heel insoles in one of your existing high heel shoe collection(s), we need two pairs of production shoes. One fully manufactured and one without the sock liner or any foam glued in. We install our solution and place the sock liner in the second pair of shoes. Then we test both pairs with the state of the art Novel Pedar System to measure pressure and provide you a full report. Through this way you will be safe and secure to invest in our high heel solutions.

We provide you with a variety of materials that can be used to support your sales, a small retail test or a full launch of a shoe collection incorporating high heel solutions. We are looking forward to work with you and support your brand.


  • Possible to order small amounts
  • Fast manufacturing and fast delivery
  • High quality, neutral and easy to implant in existing collection(s)
  • Reduces peak pressure with at least 50% on forefoot
  • Will increase brand value
  • Will increase product margins
  • Will attract new customers
  • Revolutionary patented international product for your customers
  • Appeals to every woman
  • Easy up sell product
  • Helps your customers so creates appreciative value to your brand
  • Affordable high quality branded product
  • Luxurious packaging
  • Small amounts high profits


Gabriel Guide works with experienced agents worldwide who can help you during the whole process of implanting our high heel solutions.


Gabriel Guide HELIA high heel insoles available for your store(s) now!

For wholesale inquiries please contact us.